6 Issues With Dog Bites

The public has not yet fully understood the dynamics of dog bites. Only very few people try to realize that the dogs involved with biting are not strays but could be family pets. Research has shown that about 75% of dog bites are made on people who are mostly related to the dog. More than half percent of dog bites happen to the young people and people who are very old while most dog bites on children (more than half) are made on areas of the face. If you happen this kind of accident, contact accident lawyer dallas. Here are six common issues with dog bite.

Dominance Aggression

Most often, dog bites occur as a result of dominance aggression which is mostly directed to members of the dog’s human family. This could occur when attempts are innocently made to move the dog from off the bed so as to be able to change the linens; enacting a sit command by pushing down on his rump in order to ensure compliance; stepping over an inconveniently resting dog in the doorway. To this end, the dog may react in defiance accompanied with a bite. This is an act of dominance aggression.

Protection of valuable

A dog’s protectiveness over their owner’s properties can prove to be a liability. Some dogs believe that their valuables can only be protected through an act of aggression. These valuables could include toys, food, car, house and human family members.

Fear aggression

This is a kind of response that is usually directed toward strangers. Like humans, dogs have the natural instinct of fear of situations that are potentially threatening and unfamiliar. A dog will be distraught by noisy and lousy youngsters if it is raised in a quiet adult household. While barking and lunging to chase them away, it may deliver a stinging nip to anyone that refuses to heed to its warning.

Maternal aggression

This nature is typical with female dogs who have just given birth. Signs of maternal aggression can be displayed by even a well-trained dog as she tends to serve as a source of nutrition, warmth, stimulation and protection to her young. She is bound to show radical maternal aggression if she thinks her newborns are at risk.

Redirected aggression

The most common scenario for this category is an attempt to break up a dog fight. When two canine opponents are engaged in a biting, posturing and barking challenge, they are bound to land oral blows to any part the body of anyone who tries to interfere by grabbing their collars, hind legs and tails.

Pain-induced aggression

Common perpetrators of pain-induced aggression are pain-sensitive breeds like Chihuahuas. However, depending on the extent of pain suffered, any dog may bite once in pain. Even the hand of a beloved owner is not spared from the bite of a gentle dog if attempts are made to examine, soothe or bandage its wounds.

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Personal Injury Case Payout: Lump Sum Or Structured Settlement?

Let’s say you were injured in an automobile accident, a very common occurrence. You fought with the insurance company; you did all you could do without success. You were finally convinced that you needed an attorney to fight for your rights and for your money. You won your case; you will get your money. Good for you! Now, how do you want to do that, which is best for you – a Lump Sum Payment or a Structured Settlement?

Why Take The Lump Sum Payment?

As the name suggests, you would be paid your money in one lump sum. Let’s say that your dream has always been to start a cup-cake bakery business from your home. Unfortunately your kitchen isn’t equipped to handling baking in large batches. You need to do some remodeling. You need to enlarge your kitchen and buy professional appliances.

You want to get all that work done and be ready to start your business and the way to accomplish that goal would be to take the Lump Sum Settlement. Get all your money at one shot and get moving on starting your new business right away.

Why Take a Structured Settlement?

A Structured Settlement means that you would not get your money right away, but instead over a period of time. The money would be literally turned over to a life insurance company and they would pay you over the years. All well and good, but if the company goes out of business you lose everything that is still owed to you. That doesn’t sound like a smart option does it? So why take a Structured Settlement?

In some cases the settlement money is a very high figure in the hundreds of thousands. By having it doled out to you, under terms that you yourself pick, you can’t go on a spending spree and blow all your money in a short period of time. If you are someone whose money burns a hole in your pocket, maybe the Structured Settlement is your best choice.

If you were to take a Lump Sum Payout and put the money in an interest account, you would have to pay taxes on that interest at the end of the year. However, if you take the Structured Settlement you would not be putting all your money in bank, therefore. you would not be earning as much interest or paying as much in taxes.

Deciding on a Lump Sum Payout or a Structured Settlement is something you have to decide on. This is where some professional advice from a financial advisor would be the way to go. You want to do the right thing for yourself and your money. Hopefully this tips can help you.

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